About Us

About SBC

Spectacled Bear Conservation is a non profit organization, and all profit from the sale of products directly goes into conservation efforts of the Spectacled bear and the ecosystem it lives in. The making of the products featured on this website directly benefit women and communities living within spectacled bear habitat. 

 Peru’s north-western equatorial dry forest ecosystem is unique for spectacled bears, and is among the most endangered lowland tropical ecosystems. Habitat loss, agricultural practices, and hunting, are threatening the bears survival.

Our programs train and employ local artisans, para-biologists and citizen scientists to work with the communities to study, educate, and protect bears. In 2011, our research findings led to the creation of a protected area.

 Alternative Livelihood

Our alternative livelihood programs help to build capacity for sustainable income,

improve individual health, attitude, and behavior towards bears and their ecosystem. Training local para-biologists and citizen scientists has been an important component of this program. However, our wool needle felting program has also allowed us to create sustainable income for local women. In addition, our local fuel efficient stove program not only provides an alternative livelihood to locals but contributes to a reduction in tree harvesting in critical habitats, improving the health of families.


Our education & outreach programs are helping to ensure the long-term conservation of bears. SBC is working successfully with communities in areas that historically were not concerned with human impact or sustainable forest practices.

Our K-12 ‘Forest Guardians’ program builds ecological literacy, cultural knowledge, and environmental stewardship for the preservation of biological and cultural diversity. Students are encouraged to develop an understanding of conservation, and then work to protect and restore endangered forest habitat.


The spectacled bear remain one of the worlds most mysterious, elusive and understudied bears. It takes good science to successfully protect endangered species. To focus conservation efforts we are conducting research and have published data in:

- Spatial ecology & habitat protection

- Population census

- Mating strategy

- Critical limiting resources


For more information check out: www.sbc-peru.org

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